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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

photo collages (ages 8+)

hey there art lovers!
this is a fantastic way to use up those old photo frames no one wants anymore. i used an old mirror, but you can use a photo frame if you want. these look great on your bedroom wall, or as a gift, but i have mine next to my bed!

you will need:
strong craft glue or PVA
an old mirror or photo frame
spray paint (optional)

what to do:
1. if you want to spray your mirror/frame, do it now.
2. cut out the photos, cutting carefully around the people or object, leaving a strip of background around the picture.
3. get your mirror or frame and start laying your pictures out. which one will go where?
4. use the strong glue to stick your pictures on, overlapping the sides and leaving no empty space.
5. when your creation is dry, carefully hang or stand it where you want it to go.

voila! one beautiful frame!

1 comment:

  1. Cool!!!! Do 11 year olds count as 8 and 5+??
    U have got sooooo many amazing ideas!!! is this what u r daydreaming about in class all the time when u r staring out the window :-)???