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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

fun ideas for 5+ year olds

Rainy Day crafts!
there's nothing like a rainy day, when you're stuck inside, bored and just want to run around screaming. that's why i have posted some cool craft and play ideas for five year olds and up. hope you enjoy!

wooden spoon puppets
you will need:
a wooden spoon
stick on eyes
crepe paper
textas or thick felt tip pens
an audience

1. get your wooden spoon and draw a face, roughly marking out where to glue the eyes.
2. using the glue, stick some wool for hair, then stick the eyes in their designated spot.
3. go crazy! stick on fabric, crepe paper, pom-poms and pipe cleaners to create your puppets outfit.
4. make as many as you need, then write a fun play for them to perform, in front of your audience.

indoor picnics

i still love doing this on a rainy day!

you will need:
a blanket
some lunchboxes or plates
eating utensils
water bottles
teddy bears (optional)
a couple of friends, brothers or sisters (optional)

1. spread your blanket out in a  nice place, where you aren't in the way of others.
2. prepare a meal in the lunchboxes or on plates, making sure you fill water bottles.
3. grab eating utensils, if needed.
4. if you're alone, why not get some teddy bears or friends, brothers and sisters to come along to your picnic! 


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  2. AWWWW cute!! I have to let my family try both of these...I enjoy indoor picnics, u can literally never grow out of them, these sound so great, the wooden spoon puppets r awesome!!! fortunately i still have some leftover pom-poms from months seems like ages since i last did a big crafts thing!!! but the wooden spoon puppets r a gr8 idea for EVERY age u mentioned in this post!!! can't wait 'till u add more fun, awesome, crafty posts! I absolutely, positively LURVE this blog!!!