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Friday, 4 October 2013

Arts and Crafts for Spring!

Spring has Sprung, and it may not feel like it where I am at the moment, but it's finally here! Where there were once grey twigs and empty branches, there are green, green leaves and beautiful flowers. Let's not forget the baby animals, though!
So let's celebrate with some fun ideas and crafts. Get ready for Spring!

You will need:
. Camera (or you can draw)
. Old notebook
. Pens and Pencils

1. Go into the garden or your local park, and look around.
2. If you find some beautiful flowers, interesting leaves or bugs, take a photo or draw them
3. Go home- using your notebook, create a coverpage, eg. Spring Nature
4. Print your photos, or cut and paste them into your book,
and there you have it: A guide to nature

You will need:
. Paper plates
. Hole Puncher
. Paint
. Elastic thread
. Scissors
.Coloured card
. Paper or cellophane
. Pipe cleaners

1. Paint your plate the desired colour- eg. Yellow for a flower, Brown for a bear
2. When dry, get an adult to cut two eye holes in the middle of the plate
3. Using the hole punch (or scissors), make two holes on either side of the mask, and thread the elastic through, making sure it fits your head
4. Use the card, cellophane and pipe cleaners to create a face. You can also use pens for this. We made ours with cellophane over the eyes, so everything looked blue!
5. Leave to dry, if you used glue
6. Go wild and have a parade with friends and siblings

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