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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

are-we-there-yet projects

hello there!
i haven't posted anything for a while so i thought i better post something COOL!
here are some awesome projects for when you take a road trip or long drive:

coloring books:

for these you can just buy one from the store or create your own!
here's how to do it:

1. print off or draw some cool pictures, any way you want.
2. staple them together...
3. pop them in a reusable bag and throw in some pencils, crayons, textas, stickers.... GO CRAZY!
4. put them in the car ready for next time you go in the car.

musical madness:

this is pretty simple, but you will need access to a couple of blank cds and a computer!

1. compile a list of your favorite songs: think hard!
2. download them onto your computer or get them off iTunes.
3. download them onto your blank CD
4. design a cover and stick your CD into your groovy cover!

now you should have an amazing collection to dance to next time you take a car trip!

fun car games:
here's a list of  the classics and some ones i used to play when i was younger!

. i spy
. wacky sentences
. dancing
. teddy bear tea parties
. counting the colored cars

you get the idea......... anything to keep people occupied!

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